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Ozu City is home to many popular local products including the well-known Mikan orange grown thanks to the region’s plentiful sunshine and mild sea breezes.

Sea bream is a key ingredient in some classic Ehime dishes, such as taimeshi – sea bream rice – whose recipe varies from region to region. In tai somen, cooked sea bream comes in a salty-sweet sauce with wheat-flour noodles. In Matsayuma, Kyoudo Ryouri Goshiki serves the southern taimeshi variety, which sees diners dip fresh sea bream sashimi in raw egg and soy sauce before eating it with rice. The 40-odd citrus fruit varieties that flourish in the region also influence the cuisine, and the juices, jams and sweets should not be missed.

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Also in Matsuyama, Sawada is something special. A restaurant in a converted suburban house away from the city centre, this serene, traditional space serves exquisitely crafted kaiseki menus with the freshest local ingredients. Everything is made from scratch, and dishes such as the muko-zuke oyster first course are unforgettable. Chicken dishes are big news in Imabari, especially the typical yakitori prepared teppanyaki-style, and excellent okonomiyaki crepes can be found at Okonomiyaki Fu on Hakata Island. The popularity among locals of the no-frills downtown ramen shop Mitsuya meanwhile speaks for itself.

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